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 I am a self taught sculptor artist with over 20 years of experience working in a sheet metal shop. Having mastered the skill of metal fabrication and being inspired by the ocean waves, WAVEform was born....a striking design concept. Fusing abstract elements, mirror polish stainless steel is hand shaped into a one of a kind wondrous design. WAVEform creates stunning design spaces that can be introduced into a wide variety of modern environments. Each hand formed sculpture finishes with resemblance but never identical, mirroring the beauty of the waves themselves! My work has been called ''striking'' ''exquisite'' ''mysterious'' ''stunning'' ''compelling'' ''unexpected'' ''lovely'' ''stellar'' even '' unbelievably cool!'' I am thrilled to work with individuals, art curators, interior designers, and architects, to develop cutting edge site specific design installations. I look forward to beginning a project with you!







Translated into form his dynamic sculpture designs utilize the power of intensity and purpose. The yield evolves into a stunning work Inspired by the ocean waves. Mirror Polished Stainless Steel is hand shaped into a captivating luminescent design. The result Is quite Fascinating. The glimmer of ocean waves reflects itself in the hand worked steel as it now is transferred on to the observer. The shapes and surfaces  Illuminating  the room attest to the mastery of art, form and design. The work conveys movement from all angles and provides a unique abstract fusion that reaches far beyond ordinary.



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