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Friedman Artistry is the name of an artist and his company, WAVEform unique. The artist, Allen J. Friedman, is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Friedman uses his experience in a sheet-metal shop to create luminous metal sculptures. His work is inspired by ocean waves and galaxies, reaching  the stars, using the stunning gleam of stainless steel.


From the Depths to the Cosmos: A Universal Dance

Waveform's sculptures have transcended their initial inspiration in the ocean's embrace. A closer look reveals a deeper connection to the vastness of space. Just as ocean waves ripple outward from a central disturbance, the majestic spiral arms of galaxies like our Milky Way unfurl from a central core. Both represent the awe-inspiring power of gravity sculpting vast landscapes, one in water, the other in the swirling dance of stars, gas, and dust.

Beyond the Surface: Unveiling the Universal Form

The rhythmic, undulating forms captured in Waveform's metal sculptures resonate far beyond the ocean's surface. They embody a universal language of motion. The artist's keen eye translates the mesmerizing curves of a crashing wave into a sculpture that evokes the swirling elegance of a galactic spiral arm. This unexpected connection invites viewers to contemplate the unseen forces that shape both our planet and the wider universe.

100 Fox Hollow Drive  

Cleveland, Ohio 44124


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